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SFMC Opens Rejuvenation Room for Clinical Workers

Sometimes, we all need a break. The past year and a half has been a challenging one for all of us – but especially so for those on the frontlines of the pandemic. Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation is putting caregiver wellness at the top of our priority list and is lending a hand by funding a number of programs and resources to address the mental, emotional and physical fatigue that so many of our clinical colleagues are facing.

Thanks to the generosity of donors to PHF, Rejuvenation Rooms are springing up across the state in many of our hospitals. This room just opened up at Santa Fe Medical Center in September. Spaces like this one are available for staff to reserve a few minutes daily and provide a calming, comfortable environment with a massage chair, music, aromatherapy and amazing views. The Rejuvenation Rooms have been critical in allowing staff to escape and recharge, especially during those tough shifts.


Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation is continuing it’s focus on clinical wellbeing through the Joy in Medicine Fund. This initiative will support the identification and creation of programs to improve the experience and well-being of physicians and APCs with an end goal of transforming entire clinical teams to impact the quality and experience of care for patients.


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