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The Pride of Our Impact

Will Reinicke, a recipient of the Adult Medical and Surgical Care award at this year’s Nurses PRIDE awards, exudes the PRESGiving spirit. This nurse has far-reaching impact at Presbyterian and beyond and his recognition as a PRIDE award recipient brought things full circle. The annual nursing celebration is funded each year, in part, by PRESGiving donors like you. And, alongside you, Will is a donor.

New day shift employees meet Will, they consistently share that he is always there for them to help with whatever they need. Not only does he get to know them on a personal level, but he asks the right questions that help unlock their critical thinking skills. Employees feel both encouraged and supported.

He reassures those learning that their anxiety of being a new nurse is "normal" and to give themselves grace as confidence comes with time.

“Will is more than a CE, more than a high performer and Presbyterian is proud to have him as one of their leaders that ultimately, helps serve those in our community as well”, say his peers. Congratulations to Will and thank you for your support that is helping recognize excellence here at Presbyterian.


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