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A special Halloween for a young Presbyterian patient

Last year, 7-year-old Raif spent Halloween in the PICU following surgery on a tumor in his kidney.

But, thanks to Spirit Halloween's Spirit of Children program, which supports Child Life programs at Presbyterian and other hospitals, he still got to celebrate -- with a surprise costume delivery in the hospital.

This year, finished with chemotherapy but still undergoing monthly tests and approaching the anniversary of his diagnosis, Raif and his family headed to Spirit Halloween to pick out another costume.

His family is grateful and encourages other families to support the Spirit of Children program, which has raised more than $782,000 for Presbyterian since 2007.

"We want to bring awareness to programs like this, to Presbyterian Hospital and to childhood cancer programs itself because they don't get the funding they need – four percent of research dollars goes to childhood cancer," his father said.

Learn more about Raif's story here.


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