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Announcing the Winners of Our Kick-Off Quiz Prizes!

As we dive into this year's PRESGiving campaign, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the winners of our Kick-Off Quiz! These individuals have not only shown their support for a favorite cause but have also demonstrated their enthusiasm for PRESGiving. Congratulations to each of you! (See list below)

To all who submitted a pledge form last week, thank you for your generosity and commitment to our community. As a token of our appreciation, custom PRESGiving socks and PRESGiving retractable badge reels will be on their way to you, delivered directly to your doorstep.

Remember, your contributions make an immediate impact, touching lives, and strengthening our community. Together, we can create a lasting difference for those in need.

To make a new gift, or confirm your current gift, simply click here.

A big round of applause to all the winners! You'll be contacted directly to claim your prizes.

  1. Andrea Anaya - Pizza 9 $25 Gift Card

  2. Victoria Baros - ABQ Country Club - Foursome

  3. Joseph Randy Britt - Chick-Fil-A Gift Bag

  4. Lisa Broadnax - Grassburger BFD Card

  5. Jenean Carpenter - The Cleanery Gift Card

  6. Melissa Casias - Grassburger BFD Card

  7. Wynonia Field - Chick-Fil-A Gift Bag

  8. Lori Fuggiti - McDonald's $10 Gift Card

  9. Phil Gallegos - Chick-Fil-A Gift Bag

  10. Benjamin Gregoire - Tanoan Country Club - Foursome

  11. Zachary Hughes - Dave & Busters Gift Bag

  12. Edward Lane - Chick-Fil-A Gift Bag

  13. Rosa Matonti - Chick-Fil-A Gift Bag

  14. Laura Puckett - Grassburger BFD Card

  15. Darla Ronquillo - Lobo Men's Basketball Tickets

  16. Teresa Roskos Payne - McDonald's $10 Gift Card

  17. Becky Strom - Lobo Men's Basketball Tickets

  18. Marian Taylor - Chick-Fil-A Gift Bag

  19. Elisabeth Wise - Chick-Fil-A Gift Bag

  20. Lawna Zlotkin - Lobo Women's Basketball Tickets

  21. Stephanie Abney - Chick-Fil-A Gift Bag

  22. Amanda Aguilera - Chick-Fil-A Gift Bag

  23. Mary Wroblewski - The Cleanery Gift Card

  24. Linda McMullen - McDonald's $10 Gift Card

  25. Alexander Leyba - Pizza 9 $25 Gift Card

  26. Richard Beaman - McDonald's $10 Gift Card

  27. Jill Chavez - Grassburger BFD Card

  28. Bernadette Cheadle - Explora Family Membership

  29. Hope Moyers - Lobo Women's Basketball Tickets


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