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Best Moments of 2020 - COVID-19 Relief

PRESGiving employee contributions continue to play a significant role in providing sanitation, hygiene resources and critical equipment in support of Presbyterian and our community through our COVID-19 Response Fund.

Recognizing the need for funding through the COVID-19 crisis, Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation (PHF) created the COVID-19 Response Fund, which supports healthcare workers, patients and families affected by the pandemic.

woman holding a book, next to a coffee mug

Working together with our donors, PHF has committed nearly two million dollars toward Presbyterian COVID-19 relief to the Central Delivery System and Regional Delivery System. Foundation dollars have been helpful in filling gaps for priority needs.

Through your help, the COVID-19 Response Fund has supported or will provide in the future:

  • 41 ventilators (local portion not covered by FEMA).

  • $5,000 in PPE for Santa Fe Medical Center.

  • 5 Albuquerque Ambulance mist disinfection units.

  • 125 thermal imaging scanners.

  • $150,000 toward Presbyterian Hospital's negative pressure rooms project.

  • Presbyterian Hospital's shower/locker room/donning-doffing area.

  • 150,000 meals and snacks for providers and staff.

  • 26,000 employee masks.

  • 60 UV countertop disinfectant devices.

  • 140 shoe sanitizers

  • Telehealth equipment.

  • 12 Albuquerque Ambulance transport ventilators.

  • 2 CPR assist devices.

To learn more about the Heroes Campaign impact, click here.


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