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Introducing the 2022 Summer Rewards Program!

Have you ever heard the phrase 'more hands make lighter work?' Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation is rolling out a new pre-campaign captain recruitment effort just for you. Earn exclusive PRESGiving gear and coffee at local shops by recruiting new captains for our 2022 Fall PRESGiving Campaign.

How: For every captain you recruit, you earn one point. Earn double points by recruiting captains from Presbyterian Rust Medical Center or Presbyterian Hospital.

  • Earn a total of five points and receive a local coffee gift card.

  • Earn a total of 10 pts and receive a 2022 PRESGiving t-shirt.

Why: We've got the love! Here are a few examples of how PRESGiving Captains inspire us!


"Since being introduced to the PRESGiving Captain program, I have had a world-changing experience; videos and talks from different places outside of the organization that we partner with really opened my mind to the impact that we have. I've been able to connect with others who share the same dedication and need to help others." —Zach Hughes, Patient Visit Specialist, ABQ RR OB/GYN.

"As I became more involved with PRESGIVING, I knew my dedication was to donate and support PHS Hospice. Then, I became more aware of the number of fund choices we all have as PHS employees to dedicate our financial donations to support causes we care about! I am so honored and happy to serve as a PRESGIVING CAPTAIN." — Jude Quintana, Volunteer Manager CDS Hospice OP

"A shout out to PRESGiving Captain, Phillip Garcia! Every year, Phillip generously donates his time and effort to making the PRESGiving Campaign a success. He energizes his department with the many great fundraisers he facilitates like office BINGO and pop-up snack bars to benefit our foundation's work. I know we'll be able to count on him for campaign success for years to come! Thank you, Phillip!" —Amanda Aguilera, PRESGving Committee Member and MGR-Insurance Billing-ABQ Business Office.


For more information on being a PRESGiving Captain or to claim your spot, email or Visit to sign up and more campaign details. It starts with us!


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